How To Sell Your Designer Furniture Online in the UK

Are you an independent furniture designer, manufacturer or wholesaler who is looking to generate more sales from the UK internet market?  If the answer is yes; then please read on.


Here at Stylish Sauce; we are continuously looking to improve the product range of stylish, modern and contemporary furniture and furnishings that we offer to our customers. Designing, launching, managing, marketing and running and e-commerce store can be extremely expensive, difficult and time consuming.  Yes, there are lots of low cost e-commerce platforms out there like Shopify but it could take months to build and thousands of pounds to market your products to potential customers across the UK without any success so the risks are high.


If you have the products, the pictures and the pricing with means to deliver your products to potential customers across the UK (either personally or via a logistics company), then we have an instant solution and platform that can provide you with instant access to the UK online furniture market.


Stylish Sauce already supplies furniture from some the UK's and Europe's leading furniture manufacturers and wholesalers and we'd also like to feature more. We'd like to feature more unique products, designs and collections from designers and manufacturers from across the world than any other site on the internet.  Our aim is to provide our customers with a totally unique collection of products that they simply can't buy from anywhere else.  We'd like to feature designers who have amazing products but who have no means of marketing their products and designs to a substantially larger UK market. We'd like to feature more manufacturers and wholesalers who are looking to tap into the UK marketplace.


How to apply to sell your products online with us?


Your first step would be to send an email to and introduce yourself, your brand, your company, your products and confirm where else you are currently marketing your products online here in the UK.  We will carefully consider every single application on its own merits and will usually provide you with an answer within 48 hours (working days) whether or not we would be interested in selling your products or not.  If your application is successful; we will work guide you through the whole process of advertising your products with us and associated terms etc.


Who can apply to sell with Stylish Sauce?


There is absolutely no restriction whatsoever on who can apply to sell their products on  We would be delighted to hear from any of the following:


1 - Independent Furniture Retailers

2 - Independent Furniture Designers

3 - Branded Furniture Designers

4 - Furniture Manufacturers or Wholesalers (large or small)

5 - Furniture Importers


How much will it cost?


There is no set up fee involved whatsoever.  We will however negotiate a discounted % rate off RRP for selling and marketing your products online to the whole of the UK online marketplace through various digital marketing channels.  There is no on-ongoing fees to pay.  The price we negotiate is the price we pay you every time we sell one of your products.  


What information will you need to provide?


We can help you with collating the necessary product information required to sell online with us.  We would basically require:


1 - Product Name

2 - Product Identifier (MPN)

3 - Barcode of product (if applicable)

4 - High Quality professional imagery for each product

5 - Product details & specification

6 - Delivery Information


How does it work?


It's quite simple; when we sell one of your products, we will immediately place that order with yourself.  We will provide you with all necessary details so that you can arrange to deliver the product to the customer.  You will then provide us with the delivery information and we will then automatically update tracking information with the customer.


For more information on how to sell more products online here in the UK with Stylish Sauce - please apply today by emailing us at  Thank you.


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