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Where Should I Position My Floor Lamp

Where Should I Position My Floor Lamp
We all need lights in our home, but lighting serves a dual purpose: they light our space, but they’re also a thing of beauty in their own right. They can affect the mood of the room and also tie the whole decor and style together.

When choosing your lamp, consider the style you’re looking for from your room, and then look at the base and shade separately - they don't have to be picked as a single unit.

Sitting Room

living room with white floor lamp

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This is the room where you’re most likely to put a floor lamp. There are no strict rules as to where it should go - it’s your home, you put it where you want - but there are some points to consider when making the decision.

Avoid ‘high-traffic’ areas so people don’t trip over it or bang their heads on the shade. There is no reason to stick to one, either: a pair of lamps can create a bold statement, maybe on either side of a fireplace or at each end of a sofa.

Think about where the light will fall. If you place lights in the corners of your room, you will radiate light inwards into the middle. You can also create a more interesting mood lighting by casting shadows over parts of the room rather than having ‘flat’ lighting created by an overhead light alone.

Be clever with your lights. Positioning a lamp beside or behind your television can reduce the glare from your screen and soften the contrast. Similarly, to avoid straining your eyes in poor light when reading, place a floor lamp next to your favourite reading chair with the bottom of the shade coming to eye level.


minimal home study with floor lamp

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In the study, the positioning is easier to determine because it will almost certainly be task lighting, either over the desk for writing or computer work or beside an armchair or similar for reading.

Other Rooms

In a bedroom or dining room, a floor lamp is likely to be used as accent lighting, so the position for your lamp is limited only by your vision and the physical space. It might be used to create a cosy, intimate space to hold a conversation with a couple of easy chairs and a side table - perhaps in a big bedroom - or for a dramatic look beside a tall house plant, where the light can spill over leaves for an interesting look.

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You might even consider a floor lamp in other parts of the house - under a window or to highlight a beautiful painting or statue. Of course, the footprint of the lamp and the size of the shade will be determined by the space available.

Add the floor lamps as part of the lighting options for your home to give you opportunities for creating mood and ambience and to complete the overall look and reflect the personality of you and your home. You can shop all our floor lamps here.