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What Are The UK Standard Bed Sizes

What Are The UK Standard Bed Sizes

The average adult in the UK spends over 200,000 hours asleep in bed, so choosing the right one is essential if you are going to get a good night’s sleep.

Whether you are buying your first bed or a replacement for an old one, you will need to decide what size and type of bed you are going to buy before you can start to consider what type of mattress or indeed bedding you might want.

There are six common sizes to choose from in the UK: small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size. You can also opt for an emperor or a caesar bed at a whopping 215cm and 245cm wide respectively. While beds vary in width from 75cm to 245cm, they are generally similar in length at between 190cm and 200cm. These bed sizes refer to the space for the mattress and you should remember that some bed frames, depending on their design, can be considerably wider and longer.

single standard bed size

The size of bed you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as how much floor space you have available, who will be sleeping in the bed and how often, and the number and size of people who will be using the bed. If you are buying a bed for a child, you might also want to think about how long you expect them to be in the bed before they need a bigger one. There is not much point in shelling out money on a small single only for them to need a small double in 18 months’ time.

These sizes can differ quite dramatically across the world and you should therefore take care to check the dimensions if you are buying a bed online from an overseas seller or from a continental retailer; otherwise, your current bedding and sheets may not fit.

In Italy, a single bed is usually only 80cm wide; in Canada and the US, a single is 97cm wide in comparison to 90cm in the UK - a difference of nearly 10cm either way.

standard bed size in the home

For double beds, the sizes can differ by up to a huge 55cm, with a double bed in some Scandinavian countries, such as Finland and Sweden, ranging between 150cm and 180cm wide. In Australia, a double bed is a mere 3cm wider than its UK counterpart at 138cm; in South Africa, the small double is a tiny 107cm in comparison with a UK small double at 120cm.

Then, of course, there is the length. We already know that UK beds are generally between 190cm and 200cm. This is quite standard across the continents; however, you can buy extra-long beds at 220cm to suit the taller family member.

It is clear that size really does matter when choosing the right bed for your home!

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