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Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture From The Weather

Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture From The Weather

Using your garden as an extension of your house is becoming increasingly popular. Having garden furniture that is comfortable, stylish and ready to use for those summer days when the sun shines and the evenings are warm is high on many people’s wish list for this year. However, it’s an investment. The weather can take its toll on outdoor furniture, so what can you do to protect your furniture and keep it in peak condition for as long as possible?

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Think About Location

Where you put the furniture during use and when it's in storage will affect how it endures. If it’s out in the open, then it will need protection from the sun and rain, but if you are able to cover it or put the furniture into a shed or garage when not in use, then it will need less protection.


 Perhaps the simplest way to protect wooden furniture is to use paint. Obviously, this means that you lose the look of the natural wood, but paint will reflect the sun's UV rays and keep the natural moisture in the wood. Choosing a latex paint will give a longer-lasting finish, but you will need to reapply it when it chips or peels.


If you’d prefer to keep the natural grain of the wood as a feature, then you will need to seal your furniture to prevent water damage. Sealant not only protects from rain damage but it will allow any damp inside the wood to dry out faster and keep your wooden furniture looking great for longer.

Outdoor Varnish

Another option is to coat the furniture with a varnish. This will give you some of the decorative possibilities of paint but retain the natural grain of the wood. You could change the shade of the furniture by picking a different varnish, giving it a make-over to keep it looking fresh and stylish for longer.


Perhaps the most obvious method of protecting your furniture is to cover it when it's not in use. Some sets come with pre-made covers that are a perfect fit, but you can also buy generic covers. Measure your set carefully to make sure that the covers do what they’re supposed to, and think about how you will secure them in high winds.

Take It Indoors

If you have the space to store the furniture indoors, then put it away for the depths of the winter. A garage, shed or greenhouse are perfect storage places if you have space or can find it. If you don’t currently have space, consider buying a small shed or storage unit just for that purpose.

Wooden garden furniture can be a beautiful addition to any garden, and with the proper treatments and storage options it can give you years of enjoyment for your initial investment.

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Follow these quick and easy tips and your outdoor furniture will be in top condition for your summer garden adventures. Also, to protect your outdoor furniture from UV rays check out our garden parasols here.