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How To Up Your Home Styling Game

How To Up Your Home Styling Game
Although your house might look great, there are always ways to improve your home style. From new furniture and decorative pieces to soft furnishings and artwork, there are many ways to inject some extra style into your living space. Read on to discover how you can up your styling game easily and without breaking the bank.

Placement, colour and space

Where you choose to place your pieces of furniture can have a huge impact on how they look and how the rest of your room works. A dark chair in a dark corner will blend well, for example, and light items in front of a sunny window will likewise open up the space. If you put a dark chair by the window, this can break up the space and cause a disjointed appearance.

You can also lighten a room to create more space visually. Consider replacing heavy brass items and black pieces of furniture with lighter shades and textures; for example, light prints for cushion covers and sofa covers, silver colours instead of dark colours, and slender wood furniture instead of chunky wood will help to create space.

If you have dark-coloured items that you want to keep, try introducing a lighter colour to separate them, such as a pale rug or cream cushion.

Shapes and textures

The shape of items can make a big difference to the look of a room. You can enhance your room’s style by choosing shapes that complement the room shape. A circular table can look more inviting that an angular table, as more people can naturally sit down. Different textures can also help to light a room; for example, lots of smooth wood together can look quite hard, so add a textured rug to break up the evenness.

Think outside the box when it comes to small pieces of furniture that can act as balancers. As an example, a large shape such as a sofa or bed can look unbalanced if you only have a table on one side. You could add a stool or small chair to the other side to balance the eye visually. You could also use plants to create a feeling of nature along with depth. Tall plants can act as flanks for a piece of furniture, helping to break up the height if you have a tall piece next to a small piece.

A plant on a table next to a taller item of furniture helps to break the eye line and makes a smoother transition from furniture to floor. Even photo frames can have a drastic influence on the look of a room. Consider replacing your dark frames with a lighter wood or shiny metal for a more modern look.

Styling on a budget

To improve the style of your home, you do not need to break the bank. Simply rearranging the furniture and items you already have can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. You can bring in more space and light into a room or modernise a tired space with a few small tweaks. From cushions to pot plants, these small things all make a difference. Even moving the placement of a chair can open up a space.