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How To Mix Modern And Traditional Furniture

How To Mix Modern And Traditional Furniture
Interior design is a wonderful opportunity to make a statement through your home and really reflect your personality. It’s your personal private space, and therefore it’s yours to do with as you please, and that in itself can be both daunting and exciting.

It might be that you decide not to be confined by rules and give your style a convenient label. Instead, why not try mixing it up and blending several different styles to create something completely unique and individual to you? A multi-layer space that tells a story will be an evolution, and something that you can always be passionate about.

Break the Rules

Or ignore them. Should you decide not to follow the rules, it is still advisable to adhere to some guidelines, such as planning the overall look and feel in advance to avoid an end result that looks more chaotic than curated.


Mixing traditional and modern styles is popular and can work very well. However, like many things, it’s about finding balance, and that will tend to see one style take the lead. Choose whether you want your style to be primarily modern or traditional, because by choosing a dominant style you remove the risk of it all looking very messy as lots of pieces vie to be the focal point.

Put simply, decorate in one style and then use another as an accent, just as you might with a colour scheme. Use a mood board to determine which style should be the dominant trend and which will pick out highlights. Similarly, if you collect things, you’ll start to see a pattern there which might pull out an idea for a dominant style.

Find a Link

If you put some thought into it, mixing traditional and modern is a fun and inspiring way to make your house a home. Link the different styles through colour - think tone on tone or contrasting colours - or try shape or texture to tie the room together.

pink chair in living room

Only you will be able to understand what styles, colours or textures you’re attracted to, even if you can’t quite explain what it is that appeals. That doesn’t matter as long as you’re able to choose pieces of furniture and accessories that you like.

It’s not a case of right or wrong because it’s your home and your things. If you want a high contrast between modern and traditional, that’s just as viable an option.

Whether you opt for contrast or harmony might vary from room to room. In a living room, it might be more appropriate to experiment with higher contrast or juxtaposing colours or materials. In a bedroom, more muted colours might be more appropriate, so texture might come into play.

modern and traditional furniture dining & kitchen area

Of course, nothing is forever, and if your mood changes then update the decor. Fashions change, and so does our taste. Browse our mix & match furniture collection for inspiration here.