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How To Hang A Chandelier With A Chain

How To Hang A Chandelier With A Chain

If you long to add radiant style and a powerful focal point to a room, install a chandelier. Here is a straightforward step by step guide to help you.

First of all, what do you need? One chandelier, two stepladders, one flat and one Philip head screwdriver, needle-nosed pliers, adjustable wrench, a voltage tester (non contact), tape measure, wire strippers and one (possibly two) cheerful assistants.

chandelier in dining area

1) Position

If your chandelier is to be hung over a table, it should be 12 inches smaller than your table’s diameter. If your chandelier is suspended above foot traffic, make sure it’s at least seven feet from the floor to avoid bumps on the head.

2) Switch it off

Switch off the circuit you will be using. Alternatively you can switch off all power to your home from the main switch at your fuse box. Never assume the power is switched off. Test the room’s outlets with a high voltage circuit tester.

3) Out with the old light fitting

Lower mounting apparatus until its wire connectors are exposed. Ask your cheerful assistant to hold the apparatus for you. Think about how much you both love life. Test again for electricity. Unscrew all wiring connections. Set the old light fitting to one side.

4) Adjust the chain

Pop the kettle on and measure your chandelier’s height. Needle-nose pliers, twisting in opposite directions, will undo one chain link. Once all necessary links are removed, reseal the link you opened.

Next, prepare the wiring. Remove any surplus chandelier wire, leaving approximately 10 inches. Split the wire ends. If they won’t cooperate, made a gentle incision into the centre of the insulation layer, making sure not to sever any wires. Remove one inch from the end of each wire. Make tea.

5) Installation

Read the instructions. You may as well - you need to drink your tea.

Back aboard your step ladder you go, this time to detach the old electrical box and support bar (as applicable).

Take your new support bar and draw it back, then slide one end up and into the ceiling, guiding it all the way inside. Your adjustable wrench will secure your support bar between two joists. Don’t tighten too much: this will put pressure on the ceiling surface and joists and could cause cracks.

Install the electricity box for your new chandelier. Feed the correct wires through the allocated holes in your support bar and electricity box.

Ask your cheerful assistant to hold the new chandelier while you connect the electrical wiring. Please use common sense. Chandeliers weighing 50-100 pounds will require two cheerful assistants.

Join the ground wires from your home to the chandelier, then fasten white home wires to your chandelier’s white wires, then attach your home’s black wires to your chandelier’s black wires. Twist each set of wires together. Protect each set with a wire connector, and wrap in electrical tape.

Fold the wires inside your ceiling junction box, ensuring the black and white wires are on opposite sides of the mounting bracket. Fasten your chandelier canopy cover to the mounting bracket. Step down from your step ladder. Switch the electricity back on. Flick the light switch.

hanging chandelier with a chain

Voila! Celebrate your new chandelier installation with your cheerful assistant. Haven't got a chandelier to hang? Browse our stunning collection here.