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First Time Buyer Furniture Checklist

First Time Buyer Furniture Checklist
Buying your first home is right up there with the most exciting things that will ever happen to you, but it’s not without its stresses. Moving in is a wonderful experience, but don’t expect to have your home all finished with everything you ever wanted by the end of week one; being a homeowner is about adding to things as you go, rearranging, re-purposing and turning a house into your home.

You will need some furniture straight away, so think carefully about the space you have and prioritise. A place to sleep, for example, will come pretty close to the top of anyone’s list.


Grey Double Bedroom

This is one place to spend a bit of cash if you can possibly spare it. You will spend roughly a third of each day in bed, so it’s worth getting a good one. The life of a mattress is about eight years, and the frame itself longer still, so if you need convincing to spend on it, the value for money is there. If you need to save a little to start, get an air bed as a temporary measure - it’ll always come in handy for guests.


Mirorred Valentina 7 Drawer Chest

Perhaps not the most glamorous type of furniture to be thinking about, it is nonetheless important. There will be belongings that you are quite happy to keep out on display - pretty china, for example - but there will be lots of other things, like towels and bedding, that will add nothing to your look and are best stored out of sight. Start out with a chest of drawers - you will always find something to go in there. An ottoman is another versatile piece, because it can double up as seating or even a coffee table.

Our beautiful mirrored valentina 7 drawer chest can be viewed here. Perfect as a set of spacious drawers & a place to store things on top. Also, the mirrored surface of the drawers allows the room to feel and look bigger (perfect for when you've got 8048924 moving boxes in your way)!


White Oak Maloma Dining Table

You might not have a dining room, but you will still need somewhere to sit and eat. It needn’t be huge, but you’re a homeowner now, not a student, so the days of eating on your lap in front of the telly are gone. (Occasional relapses are permissible!) This can be a cheaper buy, because you can always cover it with a pretty cloth. It’ll also give you somewhere to work if you need it.

You can buy this white oak malmo dining table here for an extremely affordable price. 


Get a couple of chairs to go with your table and you can even have a guest round. Stools would work as well, and it’s not critical that they match. Mismatched is on trend at the moment and can be a great way to add a splash of colour.

Browse our super affordable, chic bar stools here.


Stylish Sauce Cream Left Hand 4 seater corner sofaYour home is somewhere for you to relax - somewhere to be completely at ease. If a sofa’s not on your list of early buys, where will you sit to watch TV, play games, chat with friends or read a book?

Buy our gorgeous cream 4 seater corner sofa here and your first time buyer furniture checklist will be complete!

Once you have these five key items, you’re on your way and you will be surprised how quickly you add to your furniture. Plan ahead so you know exactly what you need, and don’t be afraid to take offers of furniture from friends and family - they won’t be expecting you to keep it forever.