10 Fabulous Beds For The Perfect Night's Sleep

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10 Fabulous Beds For The Perfect Night's Sleep


Your bed is a place to relax, be comfortable, and get some good sleep: there’s nowhere quite like it. But there are so many different styles of bed to choose from, all with different features and looks. Of course, the mattress you put on your bed will play a big part in how the bed feels, but the frame itself will determine how your bed looks.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed certainly makes a statement, so buy one if you have the space for it to make that statement. They are available in wood or metal, and more recently a popular option is leather. Sleigh beds suit modern or period homes and make for a beautiful centrepiece.

Divan Bed

A divan is an ever-popular choice of bed thanks to their practical storage space, which means there is no clutter visible underneath the bed. Instead, the space can be used for drawers, sliders, or even zip and link storage. Headboards tend to be sold separately.

Bunk Bed/Mid Sleeper

If space is at a premium, or you have children sharing a room, bunk beds are a great option. Designed specifically to accommodate two people in two layers of bed frame, bunk beds have a ladder to reach the upper level.

Sofa Bed

The sofa bed is a versatile option for occasional guests or when space is short. Some even incorporate storage. They're great for guest rooms, living rooms, or even larger bedrooms.


This traditional Japanese bed is essentially a mattress that folds away (usually onto a chair frame) creating more space and more flexibility in the daytime. A great option for guests or as an occasional bed, the frame is usually wooden or metal, and could be a single, double, or as a lower layer on a futon bunk bed.

Cabin Beds

Staying with space-saving options, the cabin bed is similar to a bunk bed in that the sleeping space is above the ground, but instead of a second bed beneath, there is storage or even a desk. They’re great in smaller children’s bedrooms.

Trundle Bed

A trundle is another option for guests that allows you to accommodate one more person without the height of a bunk bed, thanks to the second bed fitting underneath the original frame to produce twin beds. They are very functional and great if you regularly have people to stay.

Storage Beds

If storage is more of an issue than where to put guests, a bed that lifts up to reveal storage space underneath their slatted base might be for you. A gas lift system makes blankets, bedding or clothes easily accessible.

Day Beds

A great multifunctional option, the day bed, as the name suggests, can be a couch during the day and a ‘regular’ bed at night.

Cot Bed

The perfect starter bed for children. Once a baby is big enough to leave a cot, the cot bed grows with your child and keeps them safe at night.

Before you change your bed, think about what you need from it - whether its sole purpose is providing somewhere to sleep, or whether it will need to offer additional functionality - and go from there. Style will then start to play a part.

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