Tips For Decorating Your Home This Christmas

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Tips For Decorating Your Home This Christmas

For most of us, Christmas is a wonderful time of year. A time to get together with family and friends, enjoy a well-earned break, eat, drink and be merry. But before the festivities start there’s a lot of preparation involved. Aside from buying presents, writing cards and food shopping there’s also the house to sort out and the decorating to do.

We’ve all been there: you head up to the loft to get the box of decorations down only to find that the lights don’t work, some of the baubles are broken and the tinsel is looking past its best. Then you start to move some of the furniture round so the tree will fit, only to realise that you could really do with touching up some of your paintwork. Thus, the task of simply putting your Christmas decorations up can become a seemingly mammoth job.

As with most things - and to reduce the stress - preparation is usually the key. Try getting your decorations a week or two earlier than normal so you can sort through them and head to the shops before the rush starts to buy replacements. Better still, when you take the decorations down each year sort through them and throw away any damaged items before you store them again.

Make the most of what you’ve already got. Decorating your home for Christmas doesn’t have to be all about the tree and tinsel. If you already have cushions on your sofa think about buying some cheap festive covers that will help to brighten up the room, while

your dining table tablecloth can be swapped from a plain everyday one to a more festive one in order to add some cheer to the dining room.

Lights are a really cheap way to brighten up any room in the house and there are so many types to choose from nowadays. Again though, they don’t have to be just for the tree. Adding lights to an existing vase, whether it's empty or has dried flowers in it, can add some extra sparkle to any room. Lights are also a great way to brighten up a dark hallway if you wrap them round the spindles of your banister. Many lights are battery operated these days so you don’t need to worry about reaching a plug socket.

If you have children let them make some decorations for the house. A trip to the woods will allow you to collect all manner of things that can they can make into cheap, unique decorations. Try adding paint and glitter to pine cones, or placing holly and mistletoe with a few lights in a vase or bowl.

So, to take the stress out of decorating your house for Christmas prepare in advance and make the most of what you already have.

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